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Altos Escondidos Project Overview Panama’s Only Luxury Eco-Resort Community around the Continental Divide, with Views from the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and also the Panama Canal. Around the crest of the tropical mountain range, with sweeping vistas to the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, lays Altos Escondidos: Panama’s first luxury eco-resort community. The tranquility of Altos Escondidos - Spanish for Hidden Highlands - nurtures and enriches mind, body and soul, while its building techniques and style protect and sustain natural environment. Altos Escondidos is designed by among the world’s leading architects in environmentally sensitive and sustainable design, Dr. Raj Barr Kumar of Barr & Associates, Washington, D.C. Dr. Barr come up with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards utilized by the U.S. Green Business Council for rating building design and construction. Dr. Barr has designed Altos Escondidos to fulfill the need for urban consumers for any retreat that integrates modern luxuries and complex tastes having an exotic and unspoiled setting - a community that rests lightly upon our planet, with out sacrificing modern comforts and convenience. Athisayaraj Raj Mahadevan, Developer of Altos Escondidos in Panama, he's been both your hands developer; forging strategic partnerships and interesting the right management team to adopt his vision from dream to reality. “The aim is made for the resort to be run on zero net energy. It will generate more energy of computer consumes”. He stresses that sustainability is at ab muscles heart from the Altos Escondidos philosophy, rendering it a profitable Business and improving the people by giving back to town.

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 Altos Escondidos Model will “share the helpful the land” through providing local people with education and “green collar” job training linked to Eco-friendly leading edge technologies and “ developing a place that could be greener than whenever we found it”, without any stones left unturned. Raj presented the style of Altos Escondidos on the “China Institute of non-public Equity and Venture Capital Forum” in Shenzhen China in June 2011 at “The Global Sustainable Finance Conference” Sept '11 in Karlsruhe, Germany that was organized by “The World Federation of Develop of economic Institutions” and Etech, Germany and endorsed by EU , UNEP FI. Global Green Sustainable Foundation is being created in Bahamas with the increased exposure of Transitional living beyond Sustainability. Sustainable, Eco-Design Features Altos Escondidos was created to meet or exceed the internationally recognized LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification system utilized by the U.S. Green Business Council for rating building design, construction, operations and maintenance.
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This will make Altos Escondidos the very first, fully green development in Panama, increasing its investment value through attention and purchases promotion that highlight this phenomenal selling proposition. Specific eco-design features of the community include: Sitting and style of most buildings to adopt advantage of natural breezes, solar exposure, shade and incredible views. Sustainable energy and water supplies and make use of strategies; Energy generation on-site, using cutting-edge “green” technologies integrated into great looking designs; Latest-technology solar shingles; Wind generators; Photovoltaic film to convert solar energy from windows to useable electricity. Electric vehicle transportation through the entire community, with secure parking for owner vehicles at the entrance; Self-composting toilets; Organic farming on the 7-hectare Community Learning Center; Open green spaces between home sites and through the entire community; Local and renewable materials found in building; Integrated recycling program; Creation of green-collar jobs for your local community, to maintain and operate green features of Altos Escondidos and extend energy other options to a local community. Tag cloud: ALTOS ESCONDIDOS, PANAMA CANAL, PANAMA GREEN, AIA, DR. RAJ BARR KUMAR, SUSTAINABLE DESIGNS, GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL, USGC, LEED, RAJ MAHADEVAN PANAMA FACTS, ALTOS ESCONDIDOS FACTS, PANAMA RETIREMENT, PANAMA FISHING, SORA PANAMA, CORONADO PANAMA, PANAMA LIVING, PANAMA BANKING, RAJ MAHADEVAN, ALTOS ESCONDIDOS, ALTOS ESCONDIDOS PANAMA, PANAMA FACTS, PANAMA SHIPPING,


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